Final Reflection

When I started this assessment I had never used any of the tools.  Blogs were something that I had merely stumbled upon from time to time, it never occurred to me that they could have a role in teaching and learning.  Marzilli, Hudson (2011) identifies blogs as written by individuals, groups or companies and are used as online journals, diaries, marketing or a collection of posts that relate to things that interest them the most.  After attempting my own blog I can see the benefits of a site that the user can create information about topics using a collaboration of words, links, articles, video’s and pictures.  The fact that the end result will potentially be viewed by others drives the need to create, perform and perfect the information in the blog, but also the ease to revisit from many devices at suitable times makes it a great tool that can be used for many benefits in education.  Knowing others can contribute idea’s, write comments, add opinions can create more opportunities for collaborative learning.



Click on the picture to view an article on blogging in education.


I considered myself a digital immigrant as defined by Howell (2014, Chapter 1), but I hadn’t considered how much technology I did use on a day to day basis both socially and professionally and how much that influenced my life.   I had learnt not only how to use the technology, I became more confident and fluent across different mediums.  Technology allowed me to have easier access to being a lifelong learner.   Recognising the impact technology has on my life, I can see how fundamental it is to younger generations everyday world and essential to their learning experiences. I chose my 3 topics on the basis that I felt they were equally related and the most important factors when teaching and learning with technology today.   However, through research I have come to the conclusion that having a Digital Pedagogy is fundamental to the inclusion of ICT in education.   Support for cultivating pedagogical approaches is more critical than the technology use” as found by Lakkala, Ilomaki (2015).


Sources and References.

Videos and images unless the source is stated under them are live links and take you to their source, as such they are not required in the reference list.

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